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An on-chain, non-custodial, fully managed cryptoasset trading service. Park your cryptoassets and let our curated algorithms and veteran traders do the work for you. Similar to trading bots common on the market but with three key distinctions:

☕️ Your funds are always kept 100% on-chain ☕️ We craft the strategies for you ☕️ Our veteran traders supervise all trades

We always keep you in control. Only with your express permission will we trade your funds. No KYC will be necessary since we perform all trades on-chain and only the depositor can withdraw. Fully censorship resistant as crypto was always meant to be.

We are fully regulated by the UK's FCA and compliant with their guidance and UK law.

Building something new means educating the world. We understand there's a lot to digest!

For those curious, please read until your heart's content:

Trading Service

To bootstrap our costs of operation, build our future, and gain market exposure, we are introducing Trendespresso (ŦE) tokens. ŦE tokens can be obtained directly on our app at a currently fixed exchange rate of Ŧ10 to $1.

The initial cost of joining any given strategy is ≈ 2 AVAX. After that, our fee structure is easy to follow and automatically collected at the full exit of trades:

☕️ Ŧ200 per month ($20 per month) ☕️ 20% profit sharing

Depositing large sums of ŦE tokens into Trendespresso will reduce your profit sharing.

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Please read our UK Risk Disclaimer and watch this video before engaging with our software.

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