Affogato (TE A)

Designed for automated trading.

Signal generator TradingView indicator with comprehensive and in-depth filtering to capture only the strongest signals. Modular, customisable decision tree to produce the best risk-adjusted results.


How to setup TE A:

Using TE A is very simple. The indicator is easy-to-understand and fast to enact. Here's how it goes:

  1. Load up TE A on your TradingView chart.

  2. Load up TE SW on your TradingView chart.

  3. Connect TE A → TE SW to quickly see historically backtested results.

  4. Change TE A settings until you find desirable results (see ⁠🫖﹒steeping and ⁠🍁﹒affogato-settings in our Discord)

  5. Connect TE A to an external WebHook service, such as Alertatron, to automatically trade the signals (or follow the signals manually). Or better yet, let us do the work for you! We'll watch the trend while you relax and sip espresso.

TE A Icon Legend:

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