Why have a token?

☕️ To bootstrap the operational expenses of the company, ☕️ To pay the gas fees incurred when trading on-chain, and ☕️ To incentivise people to have a stake in our shared vision.

Why do you charge a subscription?

To disincentivise us from artificially closing trades simply to collect unrealised profit or collect trade exit fees. Also to ensure a consistent flow of income even if the strategy trades twice a year (follows the macro rather than intra-week). We want to offer strategies with the highest profit potential at the lowest adjusted risk and charging a subscription ensures we can provide those regardless of timeframe.

Why do you charge a profit share?

To incentivise us to give you grand success. If you make 5%, we make 1%. Even better, if you make 50%, we make 10%. The more you make, the more we make. Win-win.

Are you going to offer NFTs?

We have no plans to do so at the moment. We take promises seriously and do not want to commit to anything we cannot deliver in a timely manner.

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