Trendespresso Token (ŦE)

ŦE token has a fixed supply of 100,000,000.

Approximately 1.75% of the supply will be gifted to early adopters and thus put into circulation. This is ideal for outside investors and, most importantly, market makers. The fewer tokens in circulation, the better. To those early adopters who have believed since the beginning, please DM me on Discord.

Approximately 50% of the supply will be kept in reserve without any specific earmarking. This supply is ineligible for purchase to ensure we have a sufficient number of tokens for future endeavours such as guaranteeing sufficient liquidity for any CEX or DEX listing(s).

The remaining supply is available in exchange for USDC, AVAX, or BTC.b at a fixed rate of 10¢. Any and all USDC raised from the disbursement of ŦE tokens will go directly towards paying for business expenses, paying the minimally necessary stipends, and growing Trendespresso. AVAX raised will primarily be used to pay for gas with any surplus traded and managed to maintain financial solvency, business sustainability, and project stability.

There is no specific supply dedicated to the team, development work, marketing, incentives, or partnerships. Rather than breaking down the percentages with hard commitments now, we're electing to focus on making a great product, raising seed funding, and waiting until we have the means to engage with market makers and professional investors. Many market makers desire to have a say in guiding the tokenomics of a project as young as ours. Taking their thoughts, concerns, vision, market analysis, and professional advice to heart will put us in the strongest position to get ŦE token listed on a secondary market. Best practices will set us up for success.

Add ŦE Token to MetaMask (or any Web3 wallet)
  • Click the three vertical dots . . . next to "Report on chainabuse"

  • Press the "Add token to Web3 wallet" button

  • Open MetaMask (or your Web3 wallet of choice) and verify ŦE token has been added to your list of tokens in your wallet!

Financial Sustainability

For every £75,000 we raise we can fully operate at full speed for a year. Reaching this milestone would be enormous for us! Raising one year is our current fundraising goal.

Should we be able to raise over £500,000 in our first three years, we will engage with an experienced market maker to list ŦE token on a CEX. Should we be able to raise over £3,000,000 in our first five years, we will create a ŦE/USDC liquidity pool on a DEX. In all scenarios, we are here for the long run.


ŦE token is not meant as an investment. ŦE token has no public market value and is a Utility Token per UK FCA guidance. ŦE token is only intended to grant the holder(s) access to the services of Trendespresso LLP. ŦE token does not grant the holder(s) any ownership, or income right(s), in relation to Trendespresso LLP. ŦE token does not have any legal monetary backing, is not an instrument of investment, and has no exchange value, whether implied or guaranteed, into any national currency (fiat).

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