Who is Trendespresso?

Trendespresso is the Baker brothers of Will and Jon with close strategy expert Adam Hesketh (The Baked Potato). Trendespresso is the trading name of Trendespresso LLP (#OC451017), based in the United Kingdom and wholly owned by Will and Jon. Trendespresso endeavours to disrupt the cryptospace by bringing fully managed, non-custodial trading to the blockchain. Our original in-house strategies are second to none.

For those who have followed the Trendespresso Discord, welcome! We've built on the foundation of both TE Affogato and The Baked Potato's Triple Confirmation trading strategy. That's right, our automated PineScript indicators are coming to the blockchain! Let us trade for you while you sit back and relax.

What is Trendespresso's plan?

Our goal is to offer three strategies that each consistently return +3% each month. Over time we hope to engage with other experienced traders to grow our strategy offerings. We will only partner with traders who have a proven track record of long-term profitability and solid risk mitigation metrics.

We are a startup with no external funding. We are seeking potential investors to help us flourish into everything we know we can be. We strive to avoid making promises we can't keep while still shooting for the stars. We want to be transparent about our current state and manage expectations accordingly. We are a sprouting seed.

With all that in mind, we will strive to complete the following in 2024:

☕️ 3 profitable strategies ☕️ ŦE token listed on a CEX ☕️ 99.99% Trading Engine uptime (<1 hour of downtime) ☕️ Solidity smart contracts thoroughly audited ☕️ Available on Avalanche and Arbitrum


Trendespresso is nothing without integrity, honesty, and reliability. We deeply understand the importance of maintaining a good reputation and for that reason commit to offering the highest level of security and trust. We strive to be a safe place in this mad world.

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