What is the Architecture?

We employ other well-regarded on-chain projects to offer our service(s). We use 0x to access the largest pool of on-chain liquidity possible thereby obtaining the best price. We use AAVE to collateralise the cash token – typically USDC – and to borrow the asset token – such as BTC.b – of a given strategy. As a backup we've integrated the largest liquidity DEX on Avalanche C-Chain: TraderJoeXYZ.

When joining a strategy, you will deploy a unique smart contract belonging only to you. 100% of the funds in this smart contract will be under your ownership, less any profit sharing on trade exit. The cost to join a strategy is typically between 1.5 and 2.0 AVAX.

Whilst all funds are held on-chain in single-ownership smart contracts, a centralised trading wallet is required to execute the trades. Even in the world of DeFi, occasionally centralisation is necessary. Like a brilliant barista, Trendespresso offers the perfect blend: Combining the best aspects of blockchain with the best aspects of cloud computing. Our centralised trading wallets submit trades to the blockchain, trading the smart contracts owned by each of our users.

In the beginning these gas costs will represent a significant financial burden. For that reason, we are kindly requesting for anyone with the means to donate AVAX to our trading wallet (0x0000). Our current goal is to raise 100 AVAX. All AVAX sent to this trading wallet will be used strictly to pay for the gas costs of executing trades on-chain; none will be used otherwise. We will stake our reputation on clear communication and using funds only as appropriated.

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