Strategies & Fees

Planned Strategies

Trendespresso and 7-year crypto analyst and master trader Adam Hesketh (The Baked Potato) are close colleagues. Together they will oversee the initial strategy offerings.

We have three planned strategies:

  1. The Baked Potato's BTC-USD swing

  2. Trendespresso's BTC-USD swing

  3. BTC-USD macro

Over time we will endeavour to onboard additional veteran traders and to offer more strategy pairs. The two most likely candidates for the latter are ETH-USD and AVAX-USD.

Segregated Funds

Our smart contract system is different from anything the world has seen before. Each user has their funds fully segregated from all other users and from the team themselves. When a user joins a strategy, they deploy a smart contract for their exclusive use. Each smart contract has a hardcoded OWNER established on deployment. The OWNER of your smart contract(s) is you. Only the OWNER can deposit or withdraw from a given smart contract. All funds in a given smart contract can only be withdrawn to that smart contract's OWNER. Think of the smart contract like an extension of your wallet. The only difference being that you allow us, Trendespresso, to trade funds in your smart contract on your behalf.

The asset of each strategy is hardcoded. If you join a Bitcoin-USDC strategy, you can be sure that all trades will be exclusively between BTC and USDC. Your trust is extremely important to us. We take your authorisation of trading only between BTC and USDC very seriously. As a result, our smart contract code makes sure that if you authorise us to trade BTC we can't ever instead trade another asset such as ETH or WAVAX; for those you'd need to join a new strategy with a different trade pairing.

Joining a Strategy

Since each user's funds are segregated, our gas costs are substantially higher than if we had pooled everyone together. On the other hand, our security and financial accuracy is far superior. This results in AVAX being necessary to initially join a strategy.

The first cost any user of our service will encounter is ≈ 2 AVAX to join a strategy. Once a user joins a strategy however, they needn't ever pay that cost again; not even years into the future. The AVAX required will float based on the gas costs needed to execute trades and to deploy the smart contract itself. We hope that over time the AVAX cost to join each strategy will come down.

How do we make income?

The second cost to use our service are the ongoing fees automatically collected on a full exit:

☕️ Ŧ200 per month ($20 per month) ☕️ 20% profit sharing

Can I reduce the trading fees?

Absolutely! Depositing large sums of ŦE tokens into Trendespresso will reduce your profit sharing percentage. For every Ŧ10,000 on deposit you will receive a 1% reduction in the profit sharing (starting at Ŧ10,000 with a maximum 95% reduction for minimum profit share of 1%).

Whilst the current subscription fee is a static Ŧ200 per month, we expect this number to change in the future. Once ŦE token becomes listed and tradeable on a secondary market, we will need to reassess the monthly subscription fee. Consideration will need to be given to price volatility, our total AUM, our frequency of trades, and strategy profitability. Until we've grown sufficiently, we will be sticking to the static rate.

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